7u-8u Rules

2015 Rule changes

Effective immediately there will only be 3 coaches allowed in the dugout at USSSA games. All assistant coaches must be listed on your team's online roster on www.usssa.com under the "Coaches Listing" option. In addition, no one other than official coaches and players are allowed in the dugout at any time. 

Effective immediately players playing up in age can not play up any more than 2 league ages. For example a 12U player could play up to14U but not to 15U


No new inning after 1:30 or 6 innings whichever comes first.  Exception: In pool play, if game is tied at the end of 6 innings and there is still time on the clock, extra innings are played until time expires. 
Nine (9) defensive players shall play in the field
Mercy rule:  15 runs after 3 innings, 8 runs after 4 innings
7U ONLY: 5 Run max per inning thru 3 innings


Bunting is allowed
To intentionally walk a batter, a coach or fielder just needs to inform umpire and point to first base before a pitch is thrown to the batter.
A batter is automatically out on a dropped/missed third strike by the catcher.


Pitching distance shall be 40’ and the bases shall be 60’
Pitching restrictions are 6 innings in a day /no more than 9 innings in a tournament


No lead-offs.  Players cannot leave base until after the ball crosses home plate
Runner may steal after ball crosses the plate.  If a player leaves early and is thrown out, they are out.  If they are safe: 1st offense, they must return to previous base: 2nd offense in the same inning they are out.  If the ball is hit, the defensive team has the option of the result of the play or dead ball and runner returns and hitter hits again.
Once the ball is thrown back to the pitcher by the catcher or any fielder at the conclusion of a play, at the umpire's judgment, all base runners must return to their previous base if they are not at least halfway to next base.
Stealing home is not allowed. Runners may only score on a hit or when forced to score by a walk, HBP, or award from the umpire.  Runners shall not advance from third base to home on passed balls, wild pitchers or dropped/missed third strikes by the catcher.