• A team may only have a manager and 3 coaches on the field.
  • No defense coaches are allowed in the outfield, one must be behind the catcher.
  • ONE coach must be in the dugout at all times.  
  • Coaches may stand outside dugouts during the game.  However, they will be called for interference when applicable.
  • You must have at least 8 players at all times to play.
  • No player is allowed to sit on the bench for more than 6 consecutive defensive outs. All players must play at least half the game in a defensive position. When re-entering defense, the player must play in a different defensive position than they were previously playing.
  • An inning concludes when 3 outs are recorded or when the entire line-up has batted.  When the 6th batter comes to the plate, there are automatically 2 outs.
  • Time limit:  No new inning after 1:30 Drop Dead 1 hour 45 minutes except in case of a tie.  The inning will start with a runner on 2nd base (Last batted out).  Must have a winner.
  • A play stops when it is obvious that the ball is being thrown to the pitcher. No runner can advance.  If the runner is more than half way to the next base, then the runner may continue to the next base. If the runner is not yet half way to the next base, the runner will be returned to the previous base.
  • Open defensive substitutions.
  • 10 defensive players will be used. The 10th player must be an outfielder. The outfielder must be stationed equally to the other outfielders.  If in the discretion of the umpire, the 10th player is playing closer to the infield than the other outfielders, a ground rule double may be awarded.
  • No standings will be kept and the year end tournament will determine the champion.  A blind draw will be held to determine brackets.
  • Any coach ejected will be suspended from his next game, and the circumstance pertaining to ejection will be referred to the board to determine eligibility for remainder of season.
  • VVB may use young people to umpire these games.  We feel it serves 2 purposes, it allows older kids who do not want to play a chance to participate, and also allows them to make a little money.  These kids are learning just like your players, so we expect tolerance from our coaches.  If you verbally abuse one of these kids, you will be subject to a penalty, which could include a permanent ban from VVB.  If you have a problem with one of them, call us immediately and we will deal with it.  Do not attempt to handle the situation yourself.
  • The infield fly rule is NOT in effect.


  • Pitcher must have one foot on dirt before the ball is released from the machine.


  • Each team must bat their entire line-up.  If the game is in progress and players arrive late they shall be added to the bottom of the line-up.  If the number of players differ.  The maximum batters per inning for both teams shall be the smaller number of batters the team has available at game time.
  • NO on deck batters are allowed.
  • If playing with  less than 9 players pr wen the line-up must shrink, NO OUTS will be recorded.
  • Players shall be added to the bottom of the line-up as they arrive to the game.
  • Maximum 6 pitches per batter.  Batter is out if the ball is not put in play on the sixth pitch. Exception if 6th pitch is fouled ONE more pitch is allowed.
  • No walks. No called strikes, swinging strike outs only.
  • Any player attempting to bunt will be called out and no runner may advance.


  • A courtesy runner MUST be used for the catcher with 2 outs.  This applies to the current catcher of record that is going to continue as catcher.
  • A runner may advance one base on a play in the infield. Exception: An overthrow on the play then the runner may advance one more base and there is only one overthrow per hit ball.  Any player thrown out advancing farther than allowed remains out.


  • If the ball hits the machine on a throw, the play is dead and the runner must stop at the closest base. If the machine is hit by the batter, the ball is dead and all runners advance one base if forced.

NOTE: It is the Manager's responsibility to ensure that the minimum play requirements are met. Managers failing to comply with the minimum play requirements will be subject to disciplinary action.

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