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Frozen Rosters

Attention USSSA Teams: Starting May 1st, frozen rosters will begin taking effect. This means that your online roster will become frozen immediately after finishing in the top 25% of any USSSA tournament. Each manager will be allowed to add three guest players after their roster freezes throughout the rest of the season (July 31st). Teams that are classified as "majors" will be allowed to add six guest players to their frozen roster. For more information on frozen rosters, please click on the following link: http://web.usssa.com/usssa/usssa-general/2017BBRulebook.pdf and scroll down to Rule 3.05 and 3.08.

Further, if you have players that could "potentially" play for you at some point between now and July, please be sure to add them to your online roster before your next USSSA tournament just in case. Teams are allowed to carry up to 25 players, so it's better to better to play it safe.