VVB 10u Tournament Rules


(1) A team may only have a manager and 3 coaches on the roster.

(2) No manager or coaches are allowed on the field of play while the game is in progress and at least one coach must be in the dugout at all times.

(3) Coaches are allowed outside the dugouts during the game.  However, they will be called for interference when applicable.  

(4) Each team MUST bat their entire line-up.

(5) You must have at least 8 rostered players at all times to play.  When batting 8 players the ninth player in the lineup shall be an out every time.  When the additional player(s) arrives they shall be added to the bottom of the lineup.

(6) Once third base is occupied, the runner may advance only by being hit in, walked in or hit batsman.  No stealing home on an overthrow.

(7) Only 9 defensive players may be used.

(8) Open defensive substitutions allowed except for pitchers. Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, they cannot return to the mound.

(9) No player is allowed to sit out more than six consecutive defensive outs.  All players must play at least half the game in the field.   NOTE:  It is the Manager's responsibility to ensure that the minimum play requirement is met.  Managers failing to comply with the minimum play requirements will be subject to disciplinary action.

(10) If a playe is injured during the game and/or has to leave the game for another commitment, an automatic out will be recorded when it is his or her turn in the batting order.


(11) Coaches may warm up pitchers between innings, if the catcher is not ready.

(12) No more than 5 warm-up pitches between innings.

(13) A pitcher may only throw 3 innings in a game and only 5 innings in a calendar week.  One pitch constitutes an inning.  A pitcher throwing 3 innings in a game must have a day’s rest.

(14) NO on deck batter is allowed.

(15) No more than two offensive time outs per half inning.

(16) An inning concludes when 3 outs are recorded or when the entire line-up has batted (minimum 9 batters).  If the number of players differ:  The maximum batters per inning for both teams shall be the smaller amount of batters the team has available at game time.  If the game is in process and players arrive late they shall be added to the bottom of the line-up.  (Example: Team A has 10 players and Team B has 12 players, the maximum amount of batters per inning would be 10.)

(17) A courtesy runner MUST be used for the catcher with 2 outs.  This applies to the current catcher of record that is going to continue as catcher.

(18) Time limits:   No new inning after 1 hour 45 minutes except in case of a tie.  Must have winner. 

(19) There is a 15 run rule after 3 ½ or 4.

(20) Any coach ejected will be suspended from his next game, and circumstances pertaining to ejection will be referred to the board to determine eligibility for remainder of the season.

(21) NO Coach Pitch Bats Allowed (Big Barrel)