Safety Rules

Below are safety rules that must be enforced at all times.  We have also included rules that seem to always be in question.  


Ø  Catchers not in proper gear - Both 60' and 90' must wear a dangling throat guard.  (LL Rule 1.17) Male catchers must also wear a cup.

Ø  Coach in dugout - There MUST be an adult in the dugout at ALL times. Teams are allowed a total of 3 coaches per team including manager. (LL Rule 3.17)  If there are only 2 adults one must be in the dugout and  the other may coach a base.  A player coaching a base must wear a helmet.  We have witnessed several players swinging bats in the dugout which is not allowed at any time.   

Ø  On deck batters -Only the first batter of each half-inning will be allowed outside the dugout between half-innings. (LL Rule 1.08)  Do not allow players in the dugout to have a bat in their hands. 

Ø  When a coach is hitting balls, the player catching for him must have a catchers mask and helmet onCoaches cannot warm-up pitchers before the game or between innings at any level. This includes in the bullpen.  (LL Rule 3.09)

Ø  Runner is out when.. he fails to slide OR attempt to avoid when the defensive player has the ball waiting to make a tag. (LL Rule 7.08a) There are no head first slides going forward on 60’ basesA runner however may dive back to a base.

Ø  A pitcher removed from the mound may NOT play in the catcher’s position for the remainder of the day if he has pitched 41 or more pitches.  (LL Rule VI Pitchers (c) Note The catcher however may go to the pitcher position as long as they have not caught any part of the 4th inning.

Ø  A starter can not re-enter the game until their sub has had 6 consecutive outs and one at bat.  The starter can then re-enter anywhere in the lineup.  (LL Rule 3.03)

Ø  Majors / Juniors are allowed 1 special runner per inning which is a player not currently in the line-up.  Each player may only be run for one time per game.  (LL Rule 7.14)

Ø  Minors bat entire line up therefore, has no special runner. 

Ø  There are no electronic devices allowed on the field such as cell phones, palm pilots, etc…(LL Rule 3.17) Devices such as iPads may be used for keeping score, but must be IN THE DUGOUT.

Ø  There is only 1 offensive time out per inning.  (LL Rule 5.10 (d)

Ø  Remember a new inning starts at the time of the 3rd out of the previous inning!!